December 2022 Iowa Quiltscape

This week mother nature decorated our landscape in white frost. The contrast between the white wrapping the branches of the bare trees and the dark brown of the bark is exquisite. It’d make a stunning landscape quilt. With our white landscape is the coming of the holidays! It’s so cliché, but this year really … Read More

November Iowa Quiltscape: “Fiber Art Now”

Fall is here and the museum is off to a wonderful start this season. Our current exhibit “Fiber Art Now-Excellence in Quilts 2022” is receiving rave reviews. We’ve had many visitors tell is “this is the best exhibit you’ve had”. Now, we’re a bit partial to ALL our exhibits, but we agree this one … Read More

September Iowa Quiltscape: Fiber Art Now – Excellence in Quilts 2022

We’re at the end of September and gearing up for the Covered Bridge Festival taking place this October 8 & 9, here in Winterset, Iowa. Every year we haul our big quilted barn from upstairs and set it up for a fun activity. This year we’re making simple ornaments by hand. It was so … Read More

August Iowa Quiltscape: Marti Michell

It’s August! Summer is so fun at the Iowa Quilt Museum because we get such a variety of guests here. The museum Board President, Randall Parkin, is no longer shocked when I meet people I knew back in Washington or people who know people I know. To date, I randomly met the in-laws of … Read More

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