Midwest Modern is a collection of modern quilts from the last decade that were made by quilters who primarily live and work in the Midwest. The quilts in this exhibit are a small sample of the ways midwestern modern quilters have explored both the past and future of quilt design using the highest and lowest of technologies. They were created with inspiration from the world around them both rural and urban and from the histories and traditions of art, architecture, design, and quilting while being strongly influenced by the internet age and social media. These quilts, like modern quilting itself, were created on the boundaries of the quilting traditions that were most prominent in the last century and they pushed forward into the new century toward the future of quilt design and quilt making.

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Featured Quilt Artists

All of the artists in our Midwest Modern exhibit are from the Midwest and made these quilts in the past decade. Learn more about some of our artists by clicking the “Introduction” links next to their names.

Amanda Nadig

Ben Millett

Cassandra Ireland Beaver

Dorie Blaisdell

Erika Mulvenna

Heather Kinion

Heather Akerberg – Introduction

Heidi Parkes

Jessica Plunkett

Keyana Richardson

Kim Eichler-Messmer

Laura Hartrich

Laura Hopper

Nora Renick Rinehart

Riane Menardi Morrison

Rossie Hutchinson

Sarah Evans

Stephanie Skardal