What We Love About Your Sewing Spaces

There are so many things to love about our sewing spaces and if you’ve ever followed groups on social media focused on sewing organization, you know that all of our spaces are unique to us and our needs. Since February is the month of love, we thought it’d be fun to share our favorite thing about our Iowa Quilt Museum family’s sewing spaces. Views out of our windows and the light in the space are popular answers. What do you love about your sewing space?

Star Ann Kloberdanz, Board Member – I greatly enjoy the walk-out area of my sewing space. The machine faces the open space and I can see the fields, birds, trees, and sky. It’s great for refocusing my eyes every once in a while and letting in lots of natural light.

Gaylene Blankers, Board Secretary – Two years ago, I moved my sewing room from the basement to a bedroom on the main floor. I threw out the couch and sold the elliptical that was taking up space needed for my sewing table, ironing board, and sewing supplies. I enjoy the windows that provide natural light along with views of my yard and the weather. The door to the room is always open and beckoning me to come sew. I find myself taking a few minutes almost every day to go in and sew a little.

Marianne Fons, Board Member – My sewing space has south-facing windows with wonderful light. The walls are painted a chamois-yellow color, very cheerful. I also love my standing-height sewing center. I operate my machine from a tall, swivel-wheel chair. It’s great!

Randall Parkin, Board President – When we moved into Winterset from our little farm, I “splurged” for a real sewing table. My machine can be tucked away with ease, but when it’s open I have terrific space, complete with an adjustable extension table. It is delightful!

Annette Wildin, Board Vice-President – I have great windows. I love the view if I am sewing or ironing. I also have three areas to display two small quilts and one larger quilt. I love to change the quilts with the seasons.

Tony Jacobson, Board Member – The part of my studio I really like is the haberdashery cabinet that I found to keep my fabrics in. It has glass doors so I can see what’s in each compartment and each compartment has a drawer that pulls out so I have easy access to all of my fabrics

Carissa Heckathorn, Museum Director – I moved my sewing room to my parent’s house because my Mom has a huge basement sewing room and that allows me to have a guest bedroom at my house. My favorite part is I get to sew with my Mom.

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