Quilted Leaves for the Covered Bridge Festival

On the first full weekend of October, Winterset hosts the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival to celebrate the arrival of Fall and our famous Covered Bridges. Since 1970, it’s been a weekend chock full of festivities including craft booths, wagon rides, a spelling bee, bridge tours, and live music.

Since the Iowa Quilt Museum is part of the charming town square, we want to fancy up our windows. We are hoping you’ll help us create a fun window display where we not only embrace the Fall vibe but also the beauty of textiles and quilts.

We would love it if you would make quilted leaves to hang in our windows showing the giving and cooperative nature of the quilting community. We’ve chosen the Oak, Alder, and Maple leaves for the display. You can download instructions and leaf templates HERE.

Did you know the Oak tree is Iowa’s state tree? It is! And the reason is pretty simple, it’s the one tree that you can find at least one species anywhere in the state. Now Oak tree leaves aren’t the simplest leaf to make so we also threw in the Alder tree leaf if that aligns more with your sewing skills.

Choose your favorite Fall colors from your cotton stash. The more variety, the prettier it’ll be. Do you like BLING? Cool! We will accept as many sparkly and blinged-out leaves as any one person wants to make. Get creative and have some fun. Share on social media and be sure to tag us!

Please mail them to or drop them off at the museum before October 2, 2022. Include your name and location so we can record all of our participants. It’ll be so fun to see where these leaves are blowing in from.

Here is to cooler days, warm colors, and our quilting community!

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