Quilt Auction, Covered Bridge Festival Activities, and Guild Week — WOW!


October brings no shortage of events and activities at the Iowa Quilt Museum!


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On October 1st, we celebrated the opening of our newest exhibit, “Stargazing: American Star Quilts.” Over thirty stellar beauties now grace the walls (and bed!) at the museum awaiting your appreciative eyes. This exhibit will be in place until January 26th, 2017.



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October 8th and 9th marks the 47th annual Madison County Covered Bridge Festival on the historic town square in Winterset. We’re honored by this year’s chosen theme, “Quilted Gems: Precious Fabric of Madison County.” As one of the newest “gems” in Madison County, we’ve helped to prepare a stunning variety of “quilty” activities.’ Read on to found out more…




The Iowa Quilt Museum will keep extended hours during the festival. Admission for museum tours is $6.

Friday, October 7th 10am-8pm

Saturday, October 8th 9am-5pm

Sunday, October 9th 9am-5pm


Marianne Fons, Virginia Berger, and Mark Davis will share their quilt knowledge and expertise with short presentations in front of the Iowa Quilt Museum building. 

Saturday, October 8th

10:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts” with Iowa Quilt Museum Curator, Virginia Berger. Virginia will share information about ideal conditions for caring for and storing those quilts which are, or may someday become, family heirlooms.

11:00 – “The Abridged History of Quilting” with Iowa Quilt Museum President, Marianne Fons.

12:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts

1:00 – “The Abridged History of Quilting

2:00 – “Patchwork Heirlooms: Care and Storage of Quilts

4:00 – “The Abridged History of Quilting

Sunday, October 9th

10:00 – “DIY – Barn Quilt Block Painting Demonstration” with Mark Davis

1:00 – “DIY – Barn Quilt Block Painting Demonstration” with Mark Davis


Live Quilt Auction to Benefit the Iowa Quilt Museum 

Saturday, October 8th, 3:00 pm

For the second year, the Iowa Quilt Museum will hold a Live Quilt Auction with the help of Garrison Auction Services. Proceeds from the quilt auction will go toward the capital fundraising for the Iowa Quilt Museum. A dozen quilts will be auctioned at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon on the Mel Penrod Stage located on the south steps of the courthouse.

Guild Week at the Iowa Quilt Museum

 October 17th-23rd

Guild week is our opportunity to celebrate the tremendous contribution to the landscape of quilting that has come from quilt guilds and their members. A week full of special presentations and events, plus give-aways and shopping is just the ticket! Grab your guild friends and come celebrate with us!


Guild Week Flyer 2016


Download a printable version of the Guild Week Flyer 2016

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