Iowa QuiltScape for February 26, 2021

Virtual Iowa Quiltscape Series

March 2nd • Ann Brauer & Sujata Shah with
guest hosts Marianne Fons & Linzee McCray

Join us each Tuesday at Twelve for a live program from the Iowa Quilt Museum. Some weeks will focus on our current exhibit, String Theory, while other weeks will focus on various aspects of the quilting landscape (or Quiltscape) in Iowa.

In our March 2nd program, we’ll meet-up with two more contributors to our String Theory exhibit, Ann Brauer & Sujata Shah.

Museum Director, Megan Barrett, will be off attending some continuing education, so Marianne Fons, and exhibit curator Linzee McCray, are stepping in to host the program.

To Join the Zoom meeting, click on the following link, or type the Meeting ID into Zoom:
Meeting ID: 943 9573 5155

We will use the SAME meeting link for ALL of our Virtual Iowa Quiltscape sessions – each Tuesday at Twelve. If you have questions about how to join the Zoom meeting, email or call us— or 515-462-5988. To find the full listing of programs, visit the Current Exhibit page on our website.

March 9th Program: Mary Fons & Jody Sanders, Quilt Publication

Last Chance to join
Twisted Threads: The Significance of String

TOMORROW • February 27th • 10:00am – Noon CST
Online class with Sarah Nishiura • $10

On the occasion of the Iowa Quilt Museum’s wonderful exhibition of string quilts let’s take some time to consider actual string. From its earliest invention by our Neanderthal ancestors, to its prevalence in mythologies of all cultures, string is the foundation of human technology and the fuel of human imagination. The first half of this 2 hour lecture/workshop will explore the ways that string permeates our lives through history, language, technology, and myth. In the second hour, we will return our focus to quilts. After a technical introduction to methods for string piecing, we will explore the infinite possibilities of the technique with fun design exercises and a look at some of the brilliant ways that quiltmakers have employed the humble, scrappy technique to produce dazzling results.

This online class will be taught by Sarah Nishiura, a contributor to our String Theory exhibit. Sarah grew up in Detroit and now lives in Chicago, where she uses traditional techniques to craft one-of-a-kind quilts from her own designs. Sarah learned to sew from her mother and learned to love geometry from her father. From her grandparents, who were great builders, painters, stitchers, weavers and gardeners, she learned that making things is one of the greatest imperatives, privileges and pleasures in life.

Quilting an Anti-Racist Society

Monday • March 1 • 7:00pm
Central Iowa Modern Quilt Guild with
Sarah Trail, Founder of the Social Justice Sewing Academy

Founded in 2017, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a youth education program that bridges artistic expression with activism to advocate for social justice. Through a series of hands-on workshops in schools, prisons and community centers across the country, SJSA empowers youth to use textile art as a vehicle for personal transformation and community cohesion and become agents of social change. Many of the young artists make art that explores issues such as gender discrimination, mass incarceration, gun violence and gentrification. The powerful imagery they create in cloth tells their stories, and these quilt blocks are then sent to volunteers around the world to embellish and embroider before being sewn together into quilts to be displayed in museums, galleries and quilt shows across the country. This visual dialogue bridges differences in race, age and socioeconomics and sparks conversations and action in households across the country.

Sarah Trail, founder of the SJSA, will be the featured guest at the Central Iowa Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Monday, March 1st, at 7:00pm. Guests are always welcome at CIAMQG meetings, but visitors are especially encouraged for this presentation. Please use the “Get a Guest Pass” link from the CIAMQG’s webpage to have the Zoom information emailed to you.

We’re committed to bringing you news of quilt events from across the state of Iowa but this event is not hosted by the IQM. If you have any questions about the event, contact the Central Iowa Modern Quilt Guild directly at:

String Theory Exhibit Catalog

Available from the IQM Online Gift Shop

You now have one more way to take in our current exhibit, String Theory: String-pieced Quilts from Past to Present.

We heard several inquiries about an exhibit catalog for our String Theory exhibit and we’re happy to say that we were able to make it happen! The 6″ x 9″ book is 60 pages with full color photos of each quilt in the exhibit and the corresponding exhibit signage written by curator Linzee McCray.

Unlike the virtual gallery walk, you can leave this beautiful book laying on your coffee table, or gift it to a friend (once you’ve taken several looks yourself!)

Tulip Time Quilt Show

May 5th-8th • Pella

After a long and very cold winter, Iowa is finally starting to thaw and here a the IQM, we’re starting to get plans in place for the 2021 Madison County Airing of the Quilts! Mark you calendars to come to Winterset and Madison County on Saturday, June 5th, to see hundreds of quilts displayed in dozens of locations around our picturesque and historic communities!

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    Re. Virtual Iowa Quiltscape @ 12:00 noon (CST), 1:00 p.m. (EST) on Tuesdays,
    Is there any chance that it could be video taped or put on YOU Tube for later viewing for those of us who can’t watch at midday on Tuesdays?

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    HI Bonita! Each of our program is available on YouTube for later viewing. You can find them at:

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