Celebrating Your Generosity: ‘Honor Your Legacy’ Quilt Museum Donations!

September 2023 Iowa Quiltscape Greetings Quilt Enthusiasts! As we step into the vibrant world of September, we are delighted to bring you another edition of our newsletter, filled to the brim with exciting updates, opportunities, and inspirations that celebrate the heart and soul of quilting. In this month’s newsletter, we invite you to participate … Read More

Mark Your Calendar: The Museum Is Buzzing With Quilt Events

August 2023 Iowa Quiltscape Greetings Quilt Enthusiasts! As August sweeps across Iowa, the air in Iowa becomes charged with the anticipatory hum of the state fair. The sun-drenched fields, the aroma of funnel cakes, and the resonating laughter of fairgoers converge to create an atmosphere that is nothing short of magical. Similarly, like the … Read More

New Exhibit – Welcome Home. A Celebration of House Quilts.

July 2023 Iowa Quiltscape It’s summer and we love seeing visitors from all over the country! Here in Iowa, the corn is well past our knees. At the museum, we experienced another successful Iowa Quilt Festival, installed a new exhibit, and are getting the front of our building tuck pointed.   Our new neighbor, Dutch … Read More

New Exhibit – Timestamps by Ricky Tims

March 2023 Iowa Quiltscape We have a new exhibit in the gallery called Timestamps featuring quilts by Ricky Tims over his 32-year career! The colors and shapes in Ricky’s quilts are a must see for all quilters. His quilts cross through many quilting genres including traditional, studio art, and modern.  As I absorb these … Read More

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