In early 2018, the Iowa Quilt Museum began publishing Iowa QuiltScape in order to develop a community of quilters across Iowa and help spread news of quilting events happening around our great state. Since that first post, we have since increased our mailing list to nearly 3000 subscribers! Quilters across the state (and even the country) receive Iowa QuiltScape via Facebook and direct e-mail. The open rate for our emails ranges between 40% and 50%, double the industry average. New posts are published three to four times per month, highlighting quilt shows and other quilting events here at the Iowa Quilt Museum and around the state.

A sponsorship in Iowa QuiltScape is a valuable opportunity
to reach the statewide quilting community!

True for ALL Sponsorship Ads on Iowa QuiltScape:

  • Each ad provides a link to your choice of Internet destination (website, Facebook page, email address, etc.)
  • You may submit your own artwork or we can design an ad for you at no extra cost.
  • As a sponsor, we will happily list any events (trunk shows, visiting artists or teachers, classes, etc.) happening at your place of business. This does not include instances where a sale or promotion is the extent of the ‘event.’
  • Ads are 240 pixels by 240 pixels in size.
Sponsorship Ads   These ads are featured on the sidebar of each blog post. Ads automatically rotate to a new position every time the screen is loaded or refreshed, for increased interest and visibility of all sponsors.
1 month $35  
3 months $100  
6 Months $190  
Whole Year $380 PLUS one month (your choice) in a preferred placement space
Preferred Placement Ads   These ads will be placed within the body of each post, and will rotate with other preferred placement ads. Preferred Placement Ads will have greater visibility on mobile devices, appearing before Sponsorship Ads. We will display no more than three preferred placement ads at any given time.
1 month $50  
3 months $140  
6 months $270  
Whole Year $525